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A legend about Expand the Box

Updated: May 9


August 17-20 2023

Riverside Community & Cultural Centre, Motueka

Kia ora koutou,

This 4-day training is offered for therapists, counsellors, social workers and all those working in the helping professions with an invitation to their partners or family members as well.

I have been working as a Psychodramatist and Counsellor for 25 years plus and two years ago I signed up for an Expand the Box (ETB) training with Ana Norambuena from Possibility Management a couple of years ago. I was hoping to rejuvenate my relationship with my work, my partner and life in general.

Actually, secretly I was hoping the training would improve my partner and make her into the person I wanted her to be. I agreed to accompany her to the training to support her development. Hmmm… What a surprise I got, e hika mā! The ETB turned out to be a doorway that has opened the way for a transformational journey in myself, my relationship and my work.

At the end of the 4 day training, we were surrounded by maps on the walls guiding us towards the treasure of conscious relationships and feelings. The distinctions made resonated with sound psychological research and non- sectarian spiritual development woven together with elegance and clarity.

It came as a profound shock to me to realise that the jewels I had been sharing with my clients were not being fully utilised in my own private life. Listening skills for instance. I coach this stuff and I found that I used every block to listening that was on the chart with my partner.

This training is a great invitation to increase and improve your personal and professional functioning - so stimulating. The ETB doorway has led to many fascinating and deeply healing places for me. To have 4 days, with or without your partner to focus on the intricacies of relationships & conscious feelings has been so enriching and hugely rewarding.

I find myself using many of the maps and distinctions in my work and have gone on to learn how to hold space for healing emotional childhood wounds, a powerful and potent healing process. As a stand-alone workshop or a doorway to the world of other possibilities for raising your human consciousness, you will find your cross on the map and the directions to what you most treasure.

Ana Norambuena is a magician and she delivers this training with a truly enlightened approach. A trainer who is authentic and respectful, she uses a high degree of clarity and skill to deliver this workshop. If the numbers swell she will be joined on the training by her pirate/wizard partner Tristan Girdwood who brings his own strengths.

If you don’t want change in your life this training is not for you.

If you do then buckle your seat belts and be prepared for quite the ride, out of old out-moded ways of being and into heightened self- awareness and transformation.

Honestly, I am awe-struck with the power of this work. The best investment you could make in your personal, relational and professional development. I will be joining Ana as she delivers this transformational 4 day training workshop in August 2023 in Motueka.

Come along and expand your box!

Renee Alleyne

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